Innovative project of presenting the company's business on the territory.


The video, entirely shot and post produced by Fantastificio, was presented to Milan during the Innovation Week and Expo2015 and received very positive reviews on the national press, including Corriere della Sera, which you can read here!

Edison, the oldest European energy producer, has made available to Fantastificio its most productive facilities in both the electricity and hydrocarbon sectors to tell how in Italy energy is now "harvested" and transformed.

The video was shooted from the dam and hydroelectric power plant present In Val Venina to Vega's oil platform, the largest in the Mediterranean, located on the southern coast of Sicily offshore Pozzallo.

The video maximizes the potential of the Samsung Gear VR visitor to let the spectator fly on the facilities, to live in Firsthand the activity of a hydroelectric power station and to dive into the deep sea where the mining activity of the oil platform coexists harmoniously with the marine ecosystem.

Agency: Liquid Media