First automotive VR experience for the Italian public, Peugeot's Best Technology Experience staged in the most important Italian cities during Spring 2016.


With the collaboration of Stefano Accorsi as protagonist and director, Fantastificio has produced three 360 clips in Peugeot vehicles that have brought thousands of visitors to live a spy story at first hand: car chases, stuntmen, situations to the limit, original immersive experiences that have raised the quality of national productions in virtual reality. Paolo Andreucci, a multi-awarded rally champion, was the protagonist of one of the videos.

Stefano Accorsi

Moments on the set.

Production typology has made numerous and original changes to the technical equipment (e.g. the Go Pro camera optics) and special solutions for image stabilization.
The result was greatly appreciated and the news was reported by the major national newspapers.

Agency: Havas Milano

VR Production, 360 Shooting and Postproduction: Fantastificio