About us


Pioneer in frontier technologies, we investigate and apply solutions in Augmented Reality, Mixed Realities and Virtual Reality, shaping innovative scenarios in marketing, industry, and learning.


Fantastificio is an "antenna" that deals with making all the wonders that every day innovation, technology and culture require with increasing rapidity. The mission of Fantastificio is to redefine the paradigms of digital transformation by making real what is considered futuristic.

Our story

Fantastificio was established in 2005 by‚ÄčMichele Milossi, the founder of E-Tree, to explore the most innovative video production technologies.

Virtual reality productions began in 2014 with the development of the Digital and 3D business unit.

The development of areas such as augmented reality, mixed reality and the holographic field has begun since the acquisition of high-level digital know-how. This allowed the launch of the Holocare independent project in 2017.

Fantastificio is located in Trieste, city of science in central Europe.